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September 25, 2009     The Columbia Star
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September 25, 2009

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2 o SEPTEMBER 25. 2009 Business Folks about town THE COLUMBIA STAR " SC Michael A. Kester of Elgin, S.C., has earned the certi- fied culinary administra- tor TM (CCA TM) designation from the American Culi- nary Federation (ACF), Inc. Lieutenant Ricky Gfiddine has received the South Car- olina Law Enforcement Officers Association Life- time Achievement Award. My Gym Childrents Fitness Center of Lexington North- east Columbia has received the 2009 International Franchise Achievement Lieutenant Ricky Griddine Dr. Linda Salane CEO Steven Mungo Tom Burch RyanWelch Award from MGE Enter- prises. Dr. Linda Salane has received the Grand D.I.VJ award for outstanding community service im- pacting the lives of girls and women. VictoriaL. Eslinger has been selected as Advocate Of the Year by South Caroli- na Appleseed Legal Justice Center Honors. Palmetto GBA has achieved the COPC- 200009 CSP Standard, a quality-measurement framework maintained by Customer Operations Per- formance Center Inc. Rev. Dr. Beverly R..Wallace has been named as the interim director of the Lutheran Theological Cen- ter in Atlanta by Lutheran Theological Southern Sem- inary. Carl L. Solomon has been elected treasurer of the South Carolina Bar Associ- ation Board of Governors for the 2009-2010 term. Name Address City State Zi United States Postal Service Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation Southern Letters at the University of South Caroli- na, is one of three recipi- ents of the 2009 Governor&apos;s Award in the Humanities. The Mungo Companies Tom Butch has joined NAI CEO, Steven Mungo, has Avant, LLC as a senior bro- been elected to serve as ker specializing in corn- president of the Home mercial development sites Builders Association of with a focus on the retail South Carolina. and restaurant sectors. THE ST&R PACKAGE l-year subscription for $25  2ffear subscription for $35 D 3-year subscription for $45 Phone Dr. David S. Shields, Ryan Welch has joined NAI McClintock professor of Avant's Property Manage- Iwww. I 1. Publication 11tie The Columbia Star Columbia-00 Star Mail this form and a check to:1eColmbiaStar P.O. Box 5955, Columbia, SC 29250 or call us at (803)771-0219 3. RIIng Date 09/25/09 6. Annual S0bscriptan $30 4. Issue Frequency Weekly 2. Publicaon Number SN!I?EN!NS 5. Number of Issues Published Annually 52 7. Complete Mailing Address of Known Office of Publication (Not Printer) (Street, ci coun state, and ZIP+4) 723 Queen St., Columbia, SC 29205 (Richlantl County) Cont p MIKe MIddock Teinc*te 80-771-0219 8. Complete Mailing Address of Headquarters of General Business Office of Publisher (Not nter) Same 9dor. aed Man  Editor Do not leave blank L Publisher {Name and complete mailing address) Mimi M. Maddock 723 Queen St., Columbia, SC 29205 Editor (Nan r cgote tnaiting address) ............. Mike 723 Qun.,01umbla, SC 29205 Managing Editor (Name and complete mailing address) 10. Owner (Do not leave blank, ff the pubticaEoo /s owned by a corporation, give the name and address of the corporation imm6ate fotlowel by the names and addre.s of aft stockholders owning or homing I percent or more of the tote/amount of stGck. If not owned by a corporaon, give the names and addresses of e indivMtJ owners. If owned by a ierlersh or other ublecrporated firm, give its name and address as well as those of each Indlvlduai owner, ff the publina- lion Is published by a nonprofit organization, give Its name and address.I Full name Corn: teta Maili Address P. O. Box 5955, Columbia, SC 29250-5955 The Star Reporter Cor_poration Warner M. Montgomery 0 0 Mimi M. Maddock G.R.A.T, 11, Known Bondholders, Mortgagees, and Other Security Holders Owning or Holding 1 Percent of More of Total Amount of Bonds. Mortgages. or Other Secudties. If non check box  [ None Full name Corn eta Mailin,:l Address . 12. Tax Status (For compledon by nonprofit organizagons authorized to mail at nonDrotlt rates) (Cbeck one) The purpose, tunction, and nonprofit status of this organization and the exempt status for federat income tax purposes: q Has Not Changed During Preceding 12 Months qHss Changed Dudng Prsceding 12 Months (Publisher must submit explanation of change with this statement) PS Form 3526. September 2007 (See Instructions on Reverse) 13. Publication Title 14. Issue Date for Circulation Data Below The Columbia Star 09/25/09 15 Average No. Copies Each Issue Actual No. Coplea of Single Issue Extent and Nature of Circulation Pudng Preceding 12 Months Publl#ned Nearest to RIIng Date 587 536 168 149 406 374 0 0 574 523 0 0 13 13 0 0 0 0 13 13 a. Total Number of Copies (Net press run) Maid Outside-C Paid soiptics Stated 0 PS F0r 3541 cude pa s0 b, Peld clrcula- ab rvtva,at'smps, r ces) - aniiOutside the  s and Outside the Pd  isde    Sales lr0ug aJe and O Se Mail Veor Coun ]es, and Other Paid Dis0t0 OulSlde USPS C. Total Paid and/or Requested Cimulation [Sum of t5b, (1), (2), (3), and (4)] d. Free or Free or Nominl Rate Outide-County Nominal Rate  included on PS Form 3541 Mail and Free or Nomina Rate In*County 'l Outside the c included on Pe Form 3541 Mail her Classes Through the uepe ,ote. Fr. Nomlnsi Rate 00o00,oo ,Bum o, t',), (3), and (4)) t f" Total Distribution "Sum of 15c and 15o) g Copies not Distributed (See instructions to Publishers#4', Total (Sum of 15f. and g.) L Percent Paid (15c divided by 15f times 100) 587 536 25 25 612 561 98 98 16. Publication of Statement of Ownemhlp xPublication Required. Will be pflnted In the 9/25/09 issue of this publication, q Publication not required. 17 Signature and 3qtle of Editor. Publisher. Business Manager. or Owner Date M_tkeMaddock General Manager 09125/09 I certify that all information fumisheq on this form is true and complete. I understand that anyone who fomishes false Or misleading informao on this form or who omits matadai or information requested on the form may be subject to criminal sanctions (including tines and impdannmont) and/Or civil sanctions (inbludlng civil penalties). ment division as a property manager for retail, office, and industrial properties. Instructions to Publishers 1. Comolete and tile one copy of this form with your postmaster annually on or before October 1. Keep a copy of the completed form for your records. 2. In cases where the stockhblder or security holder is a ti'ustae in items 10 or 11 include the name of the person or corporation for whom the trustee is acting, Also include in item 10 the names and addresses of all stockholders owning or holding one (1) percent or more of the total amount of stock, if not owned by a c- poration, give the name and address of each individual owner. If owned by a partnership or other unincorporated firm give its name and addrsss as wait as the name and address of each individual owner, If the oublication is aublished by a nonprofit organization, give its name and address and complete item 12. In item 11 include all bondholders, mortgagees, and other secudty holders owning or holding one (1) percent or more of the total amount of bongs, mortgages, or other secu- dties. If none./check the box. Use blank sheets if more space is required. 3. Be sure to furnish all sirculation information called fOr in item lS. Free and nOminal rate circulation must be shown in item  5d. 4. Item 15g., Copies not Distributed, must include (1) newsstand copies retumeq to the publisher. (2) estimateq retums tiom news agents, and (3). copies for office use, leffovs, lolldd. and all other copies not distributed. 5. If the publication had Penodicais authodzation as a general publication, this Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation must be published, i.e. it must be printed in an issue that's primary mailed disibution is produced not later than October 10 for publications issued mOre frequently than weekly; omol later than October 31 for publications iss!ueq weekly Or less frequently but more frequently than monthly;  in the first issue that's primary mailed disblbution is produced after October I for all other publications. 6. In item 16, iddiGate the date of the issue in which this Statement of Ownership will be published, if applicable. 7. Item 17 must be sgnea. Failure to file or publish a statement of ownerehlp may lead to suspension of Perlodlcale authorization. PS Form 352, September 2007 /I Jimmy Sauls 252-6091 2906 Devine St Columbia OUR STAND THE TIME TO START THINKING ABOUT Brian Hofferth has joined First Citizens asretail credit support manager in Columbia. IS BEFORE YOU NEED IT. Nearly 1 in 4 households has no life insurance. Does yours? We offer a variety of coverage options that fit just about any family or budget, Call us today. 00AIIstate, You're in good hands. Source: LIMRA U..q Lifo Insurance Ownership, 2005 Study, insurance SIDJeCt to availabild / an<] eualifications. Allstate Life Insurance Comoan, fALIC), Northbrook IL and Lincoln Benefit Life Company (LBL), Lincoln, NE. i> 2009 Allstate Insurance Cocapany LIFE INSURANCE