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May 13, 2004     The Columbia Star
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May 13, 2004

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JOhn Wrisley flation 4: Inflation, vs. Deflation inflation, rising are a result the does money opera- ' nluch like keys to you can noth- profit to explod- late and malls. When down, it that eventually 's a basic law or later, Other and Reserve that fate. ;the issue Oney he pur- I0 Ice outh more. The gives over they pay of less opposite side of the coin. It destroys the dollar value of goods. The pur- chasing power of the dol- lar increases in deflation, and dbtors must pay debts in scarcer, stronger dollars. Great for the creditor but terrible for the debtor, which is why holding large debt is painful when an eventual deflation occurs. Americans have great faith, of course, in the ability of the Federal Reserve to keep deflation at bay by just "running the printing presses" when it gets a whiff of deflation, which it has been doing with its pres- ent easy-money policy. With so much money readily available, price inflation is heating up, and the Fed must soon tap on the brakes -- that is, raise interest rates and make money less easy to get. That will have a cool- ing effect on the economy which must inevitably lead to a slowdown in real estate sales and general consumerism. It will be like the chaperone blink- ing the lights to signal the end of the party. Several commenta- tors predict Congress and the Fed will then resort to hyperinflation, if neces- sary, to keep the party going. That would be a stupendous disaster. (Next week: Hyperinflation, The Destroyer) the John Wrisley 5CPA A word Winning :ol0000t 00'ke Cox It's not a criticism; ]:t's an observation By Mike Cox Our problems are easy to solve The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy for a quadricentennial Columbus Day celebration of national school superintendents. Francis and his cousin, Edward Bellamy, were Socialists and believed in a Utopian society where everyone was cared for, and the country ran on a civilian ver- sion of the military industrial complex. Bellamy originally wanted to add the word equality to liberty and justice but knew the national school superintendents' group sponsoring the celebration would object because of their views about the rights of women and African-Americans. The words my flag, were changed to the flag of The United States of America in 1923, by the American Legion and the DAR. Under God was added in 1954 during the McCarthy Communist hearings after a campaign by the Knights of Columbus. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited mostly by bored school children until 9/11, when patriot- ism was rekindled. Now it is treat- ed as one of the cornerstones of our democracy. Many Americans think Thomas Jefferson and John Adams drew it up one Sunday evening after services at the local Baptist church. According to the men running for seats in the US Senate, the pledge is being undermined by those most dastardly villains, Liberal California Judges. The only people worse are those Liberal Washington Politicians who are ruining this country. David Beasley makes the pledge the cornerstone of his cam- paign and vows to fight for a Constitutional amendment to keep it as it is. Thomas Ravenel, who isn't married, talks about strong family values. One family member he doesn't discuss is his father, a wealthy investor and long-time political power in SC. Dad isn't even on Ravenel's website. Charlie Condon accuses Jim Demint of being a terrorist sympa- thizer, but like DeMint, is strong on family values. I guess this means they will be doing some- thing about the 50% divorce rate, high number of single parent homes, and the 74% of teenagers who are sexually active. Who knew our problems were so easy to solve? If we just elect the right man to do the job, our troubles are over. Everyone run- ning for office has a simple solu- tion to things that have plagued the country for years. Why didn't the goobers in office now figure things out? They must all be Washington Insiders. Disinterested, not-my-fault parents aren't responsible for the way kids act today, it's the vulgar movies and music. We need to limit freedom of speech to help parents and save the children. America will be safer if we just search every person at every public event. The largest bureau- cracy in history, Homeland Security, can't do it alone. We need people to squeal on their neigh- mann goes Wash,ngton No draft said we should "ask" citi- zens to assume responsi- bility regarding the fight- ing in Iraq. But he's not talking about asking any- one to do anything. He's calling for conscription. I assume Senator Hagel knows that conscription means forcing people into the army. If they don't go, they are sent to prison. Today people are being asked to join, and appar- ently too few are saying yes. Why else would there be talk about the draft? If politicians are going to discuss reviving conscription, could they please have the decency to do so honestly? Draft advocates want the presi- dent to order young peo- ple into the army and to send them to Iraq where they may have to kill and may be killed (or maimed as so many have already been). There. Was that so hard to say? Now let's say some- thing else: The draft is slavery. No patriotic euphemisms about service to one's country and shared responsibility can hide this fact. When the government says you must surrender a portion of your life (not to men- tion perhaps life itself) -- for whatever purpose -- that is slavery. No one has ever come up with argu- ment to refute that state- ment. Remember, President Bush says he is keeping Americans in Iraq because it is his calling to bring freedom to the world. Freedom. If Bush - not chicken feed.) What the Leaders Of Our Town (LOOT) have done is fall for another promotional gimmick on the heels of the city slo- gan boondoggle. Several thousand dollars were invested in a slogan that never materialized. But Columbia is pretty stingy compared to the Town of Lexington. Their award as "Champion of Small City Management" cost them $25,000 for a video info-mercial. Town lead- ers are pretty sure it'll bring in business and industry. (Not kidding!) If you want to make money, go into the award business and put Columbia and Lexington on your suck...uh...- prospect list. know what Dan join the Hall on a to pick not to his July some Coun. Davis, to pick s that web- the (3O each "ng is cool Says: "No stupid, I don't smoke. we're too smart. If we were to our hair would fall out, we'd TV, elect dumb people to Cancer or emphysema. I'd rather eat a banana, So go away." League and The Columbia Star Iraq has become a bottomless pit for American blood and treas- ure. (To the Bush admin- istration, Iraqi casualties seem unworthy of count- ing.) Congress will provide the treasure, compliments of the taxpayers. But who will provide the blood? At the moment, there are not enough men and women under arms. Troops are being made to stay in Iraq beyond their promised tours. Reservists and national guardsmen have been called up. And the discharges of several thousand military person- nel have been delayed; they are now in the armed forces against their will. It's still not enough. That's why we're hearing talk of conscription. Sen. Chuck Hagel, a senior Republican, is the latest to say the draft may be needed to fight the war in Iraq. As he put it, %Vhy shouldn't we ask all of our citizens to bear some responsibility and pay some price?" The first thing to notice about this state- ment is how idiotic it is. How does drafting, say, 18-to-26-year-old men (and women?) equal "all of our citizens?" Ironically, if a draft reduced the budg- etary cost of the military, it would relieve taxpaying non-draftees of a burden they would bear if the army were filled with pro- fessional volunteers. But let's not expect logic or common sense. That was a US senator talking. Also, notice that he Mike Cox bors, especially if they are a differ- ent color or religion than us. We need to get prayer back in schools. I'm not sure when prayer was outlawed, but if right think- ing politicians and loyal readers tell me it is, they must be right. I bet those liberal judges in California are behind that, too. There's no need to spend a lot of time studying a particular can- didate, just read his bumper stick- ers and listen to his commercials. Pick the guy you think will win, not the one best suited for the job. We all want easy solutions and the candidates are more than will- ing to give us what we want. So get off your butts and go to  the polls and vote. If we elect the right people, maybe the land our forefathers envisioned is still pos- sible. Sheldon Richman v r! decides to reinstitute the draft, he be will destroy- ing Americans' freedom so that he can spread free- dom to Iraq, the Middle East, and beyond. Does that make sense? It makes as much sense as anything else about the Iraq operation -- namely, none at all. Some backers of con- scription cleverly argue that it may turn the pub- lic against the war. As middle-class kids face getting shipped off to the Middle East, their parents will suddenly have a rea- son to oppose Bush's poli- cy. It seemed to work that way with Vietnam, when college deferments were abolished. But even if it worked in this case, it wouldn't change the fact that the draft is slavery. The end can't justify that means. Besides, the volun- teer army has its own way of stopping a war: people refuse to join. That may be happening now. Every day on cable television retired military officers lament that the govern- ment is running out of sol- diers. Every person who would have joined the army but didn't is voting against the war. Let's make sure the politicians get that message. But let's have no draft. This is America, remember? -- the land people historically fled to in order to escape con- scription. The imperialist war party is trying to make us forget that. We shouldn't let them get away with it. Sheldon Richman is senior fellow at The Future of Freedom Foundation ( in Fairfax, Va., author of Tethered Citizens: Time to Repeal the Welfare State, and editor of The Freeman magazine.