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May 13, 2004     The Columbia Star
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May 13, 2004

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2 - M  y I : , 7  (i) (-J 4 The Star Reporter Corporation 723 Queen Street Columbia, SC 29205 803- -771-0219 Harold C. Booker Jr. W. Miller Montgomery Publisher 1963-1986 Publisher 1986-1996 Warner M. Montgomery, Ph.D. Publisher Mimi M. Maddock, M.A. Executive Editor Linda Sosbee, M.Ed.. Financial Manager Pam Clark. Reception & Public Notices Alan Kelso, B.A., Graphics Rachel Haynie, Society Editor John Temple Ligon, Business Editor Natasha Whitling, Assistant Editor Meredith Pogue, Assistant to the Editors Ceille Baird Welch, Staff Writer Jim Welch, Staff Writer Mike Cox, Staff Writer Caroline Legare Judson, Staff Writer Tim Huebel, Staff Photographer Gall Trebuchon, Star Advertising Ted Neale and Sonia Wilkins, Distribution Gorby Montbee, Security ............................................ CALL the Give it up, Rainwater 'lkvo uniformed police ot]Scers with arrest war- rants arrive at the home oI" Lester Rainwater. He's wanted for murder plus tbur cases of aggravated assault. All of these cases resulted fl'om bar fights. Rainwater doesn't answer the door. Instead, he tosses an ashhay through the front window. The police- men serving the warrants call lbr backup. Now a crowd is gathering in front of the Rainwater house. The home telephone goes unan- swered. A police lieutenant tries using a bull horn. "You in the house, open the front door and throw out your weapons." There's no response. The lieutenant is discussing the situation on his cell--phone with the assistant chief when a neighbor walks up. The stranger says, "I live in this neighborhood and know all the Rainwaters, and they all know me. Maybe I can talk Lester into coming out peaceable." The lieutenant doesn't like the idea of a civilian acting as a police negotiator, but the situation is des- perate. The lieutenant decides to risk it and hands the bull horn over to the .neighbor. The neighbor calls out, "Lester Rainwater, this is the police! Throw out your weapons and come out with your hands up. Otherwise, bad things will happen to you, and we don't want that." The neighbor continues his plea, but there's no movement at the front door. Finally, the neighbor yells into the bull horn, "If you don't come out in 30 seconds, we're gonna start shootin'!" The lieutenant grabs the bull horn. "What do you think you're doing? You have no authority to say that. Now get out of here before I lock you up." The neighbor scurries away through the crowd. Moments later, another neighbor, an elderly woman, walks up to the lieutenant. 'hy are you call- ing for Mr. Rainwater to come out? He was right there talking with you.You even gave him your loudspeaker." C allthecop.indspring Oninion T COLUMBIA 5CPA Award Winning Col00nbt fire 30-Something spe Th00s" ai'tn no fairy tale Because I am the father of two girls, I spend an inordinate amount of time reading fairy tales and watching Disney movies with princesses, heroines, and happy endings. While some of the story lines venture a tad from the formula, most of the tales I've come in contact with have many of the same ingredi- ents. For starters, it doesn't seem to take very long to fall in love and even less time to get mar- ried. All Cinderella had to do was dance for a little while and try on a shoe. Wedding bells were ring- ing before anyone thought about the consequences of actually wearing glass shoes. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty barely had to wake up and wipe the drool off their chins to find their princes. Another common problem mostly found in the Disney ver- sion of these stories is that none of the villains can seem to keep their footing. If a lot of the bad guys stayed close to the ground, they might actually win once and a while. The evil queen in Snow White started the trend of unfor- tunate falls. She had all kinds of magical powers, yet she chose to climb to the top of a cliff to avoid seven tiny little men. (I'm pretty sure a few of them weren't much of a threat. Dopey? Sneezy? Sleepy?) Without so much as an insult from the dwarfs, the Evil Queen tried to roll a big boulder on the little guys only to be struck by an incredibly coinci- dental bolt of lighting. She then loses her balance and falls from attack the Beast on the very top floor of the Beast's castle. Big mistake. Of course he slips and plummets to the ground and his ultimate demise. Scar, of Lion King fame, takes an enormous digger off Pride Rock. The vicious hunter Clayton in Tarzan makes the foolish move of following Tarzan into the trees. It doesn't take him long to slip on a branch and...Shall I go on? I'm all for sheltering my girls from the real world as long as I possibly can, but I'm afraid these fairy tales may be doing a little more damage than I can undo. Prince Charming isn't waiting at The Ball. Do Balls really exist? The closest I ever came was a middle school dance and I'm afraid my worm and moonwalk didn't impress anybody. Love at first sight may be possible, but if one of my girls.fell in love, got engaged, and then married over a couple of waltzes and a pair of shoes, I'm afraid I'd have to ask the dude to join me someplace high-up during an ice storm (even if he had his own castle). These stories put a lot of pressure on us as parents. Try explaining how you met your wife to your kid after watching Ariel, (aka the Little Mermaid) battle sharks and ferocious sea witches, rescue her prince from raging seas, and give up her fam- ily to be with the one she loves. Well, Honey, Daddy parked his trusty two-door silver stead, Geo, next to Mommy and her band of merry sorority sisters during the great fall tailgating the cliff to her doom,, .. .... , festival prior to the battle Gaston, th e ll of, ,, ,,. between the Tigers and the Beauty and the Beast, decides to Seminoles. It was love at first Jacob Imperial shame for America at Abu Ghr The sex-abuse, rape, and torture scandal at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq might explain why US officials have steadfastly opposed joining other nations in the formation of an international war-crimes tribunal. When government offi- cials are actively involved in war crimes, the last thing they want is to be subjected to external scrutiny, investigation, and punishment. Better to keep the wrongdoing in-house, where fallout from disclosures can be minimized and swept under the carpet. It is impossible to overstate the irreparable damage from the sex abuse, rape, and torture scandal at Abu Ghraib prison. First, the sex-abuse, rape, and tot. ture scandal at Abu Ghraib has made it virtu- ally certain that US sol- diers taken captive all over the world will be gravely mistreated by their captors, and US gov- ernment pronouncements opposing such mistreat- ment will ring hollow not only to the captors but also to the people of the world. Second, the sex abuse, rape, and torture of Iraqi prisoners has put the American people at greater risk from terror- ism than ever before. Why? Because with the possible exception of rap- ing women in front of their families, it is diffi- cult to imagine anything that would inflame anger and hatred more than humiliating Arab men with forced nudity, sex abuse, rape, and torture, especially by US military female personnel. Even before the 9/11 attacks, The Future of Freedom Foundation was ardently stating that it is imperative for the American people to reex- amine and reevaluate America's foreign policy. We have repeatedly main- tained that, contrary to what US officials have steadfastly claimed since the September 11 attacks, the anger and hatred that have driven Arab men to commit acts of terrorism against our country is not rooted in America's "free- dom and values  but instead in anger and hatred for horribly wrong- ful acts that have been committed by the US gov- ernment over a long peri- od of time. The sex abuse, rape, and torture of Iraqi detainees at the Abu Ghraib detention center are just part of this long-established pattern of wrongful conduct. , Third, if Iraqi insur- gents needed any better reason to fight and die to oust a foreign occupier from their land, US offi- cials have provided it to them with the sexual the humiliation and torture of Iraqi men. In fact, that sor might have even been the real reason -- the knowl- edge that the release of those sex abuse photo- graphs all over the Middle East would inflame Iraqi insurgents -- that US offi- cials prudently withdrew from Fallujah after relin- quishing control of the city to one of Saddam's old Republican Guard mili- tary henchmen. In fact, I wouldn't even be surprised if the Abu Ghraib nudity, sex-abuse, rape, and tor- ture scandal -- and the anger and hatred it pro- 11350 duces not only among the insurgents.and terrorists in Iraq but also among the ordinary people in that country -- spells the beginning of the end of University ' put it in public profound The tures maY which the' Indeed, it cult to recruiting' bin Lade JacOb The Mike sight. Several monsters and an boyfriend tried to from me, but with my great tickets. I the game and Tiger Tavern, then we ever after. Not exactly rial. I guess I should kids a little more We've watched every fairy tale one or two hundred neither, girls home from over a prince. Usually: the opposite. Lucky for 1 boys seem to spend trying to be Power instead of Prince doubt even have been so anxioUs tol the Prince if he ping her across hanging her We may not always agree with what our writers have to say, but we will always defend their right to say it.